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林卓鴻 Derek LAM

Dehtlet Eco-System Ltd


风干式生态环保厕所系统能克服上述问题,该系统是按照自然生态循环原理,用天然的空气(风)和阳光, 使粪尿无害化、资源化,不用水,通过粪便干燥脱水的办法循环利用。经干燥处理后的粪便无臭、量少,安全可直接作为农家肥使用。保留了中国传统旱厕粪便资源化、耗水量少,同时又能消灭病原菌/寄生虫(卵)、异味和安全隐患等问题。 因为粪便内含有大量好氧和厌氧微生物, 在充满氧气的情况下,厌氧微生物会慢慢死去, 好氧微生物大量繁殖,把粪便进行分解,好氧分解是不会产生臭气,粪便慢慢地在太阳的热力下风干脱水,所有微生物和细菌都会死去。相反,在无氧的情况下,好氧微生物会慢慢死去,厌氧微生物会大量繁殖,进行粪便发酵和腐化,产生臭气和有毒气体。

Water, sanitation and hygiene are important and critical global issues. Our technology focus on providing a simple and affordable sustainable solution to tackle sanitation problem and to improve the quality of life where people enjoy fresh air, clean water, healthy food and hygienic environment. Our sanitation technology was patented in UK in 2011 and then granted by many other countries such as China, EU, US, Japan, Korea, etc. This technology offers an innovated eco-toilet system which is an environment-friendly sanitation method that does not consume water for flushing and transforms human waste back to the field for agricultural use. The system consists of a waste chamber wherein a special perforated and inclined plate located under the top opening of chamber extended to the end part enabling separation of feces from urine.Feces spreads down across the plate through gravity to form a layer at lower corrugated area of the plate for better aeration purpose while urine falls into bottom of chamber for temporary storage or overflows right away into jerrycan for easy removal.

A pair of ventilation pipes topped with air extraction units draw air out of the waste chamber continuously to dehydrate fecal layer.

Sufficient air penetration through the waste layer reduces the volume of solid waste through dehydration. Most pathogenic organisms, bacteria and virus cannot survive in dry and aerobic conditions. Air is a natural and reliable way of eliminating the bacteria, whereby outdoor air purges into waste chamber sterilizing airborne bacteria and virus pathogen. The oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria in the solid waste in a process called devitalization that diminishes unpleasant smell whereas oxygen encourages and promotes the activation of aerobic bacteria which decomposes and digests the solid waste into organic material.

Due to its zero discharge characteristic, our eco-toilets do not rely on traditional suction trucks to do emptying service thus minimizing carbon footprint, running cost and improving hygiene level particularly in areas lacking water resources and sewage facilities therefore lowers the burden of water treatment plant and conserves the environment. Our innovation is a sustainable green technology suitable for both sanitation industry and construction industry around the world.


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