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B. 潮汐座觀
Tidal Stool

潮汐座觀 是Lange, Christian J.和他的團隊與王維仁教授設計的裝置藝術。


The "Field Theatre " develops conversations between architecture and nature through four Camphor trees on the sea-side embankment. Just as geologists or archeologist understand time and space of landscape and artifacts through their body experiences in the field study, the installations hope to facilitate hikers of Kuk Po to pausing for a moment trough their bodily sitting, stepping, lie down and stand up, engaging further explorations of senses with nature of woods and the wetland. The wooden structures further extend to the sea view of the embankment, and the interactions with the front plaza of the school, opening up the development of public spaces for Kuk Po Valley.

Project Gallery

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