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Kuk Po Exhibition



The "Kuk Po Vision" includes “Introduction” and “Landscape” on the ground floor, as well as “Architecture” and “Community” on upper floor. The Landscape presents the wetland, Feng-shui woods, and the ecological diversity of flora and fauna of the valley. By controlling tidal streams and waterways through moderating the dike, the basin has transformed itself from a rice field to a mangrove forest and reed bed with rich habitats. The Architecture introduces the evolution of building types in Lo Wai as a typical Hakka-walled village. With Sai Wai and other settlements, they illustrate the transformation in typology from three-bay courtyard houses to the long rowhouses, as well as the change from traditional wooden structures with masonry-rammed earth walls to the modern concrete construction and plastered walls. The Community introduces peoples and events of Kuk Po, including the distribution of families and ancestral halls and the collective memory and aspirations of the community

Project Gallery

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