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社區展廳介紹谷埔古往今來的人與事,包括村落中姓氏與家族祠堂的空間分佈、谷埔村不同社群的集體記憶與期望,以及人物故事、 訪談與描繪。展覽同時以社區手繪地圖的,開始社區參與的互動展陳模式。社區展覽由香港理工大學設計學院,與香港大學建築學院 與的團隊共同完成,也開始了谷埔生態保育與活化過程中,不同專業與院校合作的契機。

工作團隊: 朱梓瑩,陳翔及理工大學設計學院研究團隊 

The community gallery introduces the people and events of Kuk Po village through the ages, including the spatial distribution and ancestral halls of clans, the collective memories, and aspirations, and the stories, interviews, and portrayals of people. The exhibition also uses a hand-drawn community map to open an interactive display mode for public engagement. The community exhibition is a  team effort between the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the School of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. It presents an opportunity for collaboration between different professions and institutions in the process of revitalization of Kuk Po.

Team: Christina Chu, Michael Chan, and Poly U Team 

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